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Cantina Paltrinieri is a family-run agricultural company which have been dedicating to the production of Lambrusco di Corbara doc for three generations

When you go in Paltrinieri Wine Cellar you immediately meet the balanced contrast between the ancient traditions and modern production techniques. The fundamental processes of the local wine making traditions are here interpreted scrupulously within a context that respects the strictest normatives as it concern the environment protection and the wealth of the consumers.
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From passion and tradition the agricultural and artisanal beer Julia is born in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Zorzettig brothers Marco and Massimo, who have long wine making traditions, are facing the new world of the microbreweries with the purpose of giving value to the own property seeds: 14 hectares of barley for the production of malt and nearly 2 hectares of wheat to produce the white beer (wizen). It is not a coincidence that the brewery is in San Pietro al Nastione: there water gushes from the Mia Mount, it is pure and uncontaminated, this is a very important factor to determine the quality of the beer. The brewery is fully energetically independent: the energy used for the production comes directly from renewable sources.
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Capichera: the first of the world to wine make the Vermentino in barrique

The Capichera vineyards are set in the northern area of Sardinia called Gallura. It is a zone whose characteristics and geological characteristics have determined the typical landscape, full of granite rocks, from whose dissolution sandy soils are obtained, melted, from acid to sub acid, rich in potassium but poor of phosphor and nitrogen. Fermentino is a vineyard heritage which has its election territory in Gallura, on lands close to the sea. Fabrizio and Mario Ragnedda made Vermentino become their most representative wine, reaching in the 80s-90s a position of leadership in the Italian market. For the history and quality of its wines Capichera is considered the world reference point for the Vermentino. The Capichera VT id one of the highest expression of the Capichera white wine. Born from the intuition that this great wine grape, wine-made in French durmast, could give life to an original and fine white wine, the VT is the result of the assembling of wines from the single vineyards placed within the historical estate.

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Cascina Conte: High quality biological wines

The Company vineyards extend all around the farmstead on the San Luigi hills, one of the best areas for the Dolcetto di Dogliani production. The vineyards date back to the end of the 40s and they produce nearly 45-50 100 kilograms per hectare (the Dolcetto di Dogliani policy calls for 90 100 kilograms per hectare). In 2002 nearly 1,5 hectares of vineyard have been planted, half Barbera and half Nebbiolo, with different grafts according to the ground and using some fields historically vineyard cultivated. The care of the vineyard is all biological with an exclusive use of copper and quarry sulphur: no fertilizers and chemical fertilizers, these are some principles of the biodynamic and biological agriculture.

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The Marsala wine: the first Italian DOC "A fortified wine which from the Sicilian coasts has first conquered England and then the whole Wolrd"

The Marsala DOC is a rich and full-bodied fortified wine which presents itself based on the grapes used, the aging and many other factors with different variables. The first distinction concerns the colour and the grapes used: the Marsala gold and amber is produced from the fine Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia and Damaschino grapes and it is bright coloured. For the ruby Marsala black berry grapes (Pignatello, Nero d'Avola, and Nerello Mascalese) are used instead. Moreover, based on the sugar content, the Marsala can be dry, half dry or sweet. Depending on the producing and the aging than there can be Marsala Fine, Marsala Superiore, Marsala Superiore Reserve, Marsala Vergine and the Marsala Vergine Reserve. The production zone is extended for all the province of Trapani, excluding Favignana and Pantelleria islands and Alcamo. Marsala- liqueur-Sicilian-02 The Territory The province of Trapani (or Free Communal Consortium of Trapani) it is the most western province of the sicilian provinces and occupy that part of the territory which culminates in the western top of the island. On the western side the Sicilian Channel and on the northern side the Tirreno Sea flow the coasts which become from high and indented to low and sandy towards the state capital. The Spalagio mount, with its 1110 meters is the highest among the surrounding mounts. The Egadi islands (Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo) emerge few distant from the west coast. The state capital isn't the most populated city of the province, but it is a city with over 80 thousand inhabitants whose harbour raise towards the west coast; it is famous for the landing of the Thousand in 1860: it is Marsala, the home of the Marsala DOC wine. Marsala-liqueur-Sicilian-03 The History The Marsala wine history is quite atypical, it is the result of a singular chain of event, business affairs and trades. The central figure of this history is the english merchant John Woodhouse who, in 1773, after having reach Marsala harbour, ate with his hands drink the good local wine. The wine, which was treated with the direct aging method called perpetuum, was so much liked by the English that he decided to carry with him some barrels towards the English coasts, afte adding some wine spirit to preserve the wine during the voyage. The wine had such a great success in England that Woodhouse thought to come back to Sicily to start producing himself the wine and it was followed by some English entrepreneurs. In 1833 Vincenzo Florio funded thawing cellars of the same name starting the production of Marsala in competition with the English. In a short time the Sicilian fortified wine conquered the world and in 1931 already come laws and rules to protect the product and circumscribe the production zone were made. For the same reasons in 1963 the Consortium for the safe of the Marsala DOC wine was funded and so in 1969 the Marsala became the first italian product recognized as DOC. Marsala-Liqueur-Sicilian-01 Food-pairing From the golden yellow to the intense amber to the red ruby glares, the Marsala shades are so many and they reflect its different tastes. A wine with different personalities, but various, which adapts to different moments and pairings. So a dry Marsal, both Superior or Vergine, is a fantastic aperitif, accompanied by strong taste cheeses as Pecorino or Gorgonzola. In the same way the Vergine Soleras can be the ideal pairing of strong taste fish, game or soup dishes. The pairing with the dessert can be the best with Marsala. There are so many recipes in the Sicilian gastronomy in which Marsala is the irreplaceable ingredient.

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The nicest & great quality prosecco at an unbelievable great price. Highly recommended!
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User: Martin Dore ( 14/04/2017)
Category/Topic PROSECCO D.O.C.G. - LA MARCA

I am looking for La Marchietta sparkling wine. Made in italy. We had a bottle while on our honeymoon in anacapri at mama giovanna restaurant. We loved it and are looking to buy in the usa. Any help?
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User: Kelly ( 02/01/2017)
Category/Topic Wine

Well worth the money, due to the famous and stylish owner it doesn't betray his class on and off the field.
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User: ( 30/12/2016)
Category/Topic Redeo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo


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